Frame the Kid

by Pilgrim

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Recorded between two points in time and within several different spaces.


released May 24, 2014

All songs written and recorded by Xander Whistler



all rights reserved


Pilgrim Los Angeles, California

Fuck it we'll do it live.

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Track Name: Poor Man's Lullaby
This is a perverse state we are in my friends.
This life of ours concedes no ends, except the last one.
And we scramble towards the finish line, only to find
That it was all a waste of time.
But in the meantime, we will carve the world into a mess,
And sell the pieces by the pound. So we can buy our dolls,
And stick needles in their senseless eyes,
Only to find that they could see the whole damned time.

So what do we tell the little ones when they ask us how to behave?
Do we lie, and lie some more, or de we tell them that we are depraved?

With a fool's face strapped tight against my troubled head,
I will just dance each night away.
And I'll never let myself be taken by the awful truth
That no good could ever come from you.
But I suppose it ain't so sad. The earth don't feel a thing,
She just laughs as we try to sing.
And when we go to sleep, our demons will be dead at sea,
And what little pain was felt will cease to be.

So what do we tell the little ones when they ask us how to behave?
Yes we lie, and we lie some more, and we tell them to run off and play.
Track Name: Binocular Fix
Against a single looking glass,
Two worn and weary eyes will press their unsubstantial weight,
Their worth measured by what they will erase
Through the single heart's gaze.
All that is not contained within
This binocular fix will be misplaced by the wind.
So go on and lose us all with grace and tuck yourself in.

oooo but maybe we only miss the shows
That we were never meant to see to begin with.
Maybe the heart is an amber lens that will cradle us in time.
Don't you think so? Don't you hope so?
'Cuz if we've all got to crawl like bugs, let's at least wrap ourselves in love,
And as we tread our thin red lines, we will be baited by the right hooks.
Yes this silly life is a single thread that was spun long before you were.
It has been cast out, it has been reeled in, and it will never cease its work.

So sew your stitches into the gown in which us cast away ones will drown.

And as you send me to sleep,
Won't you sing me something soft and sweet?
About nothing, about everything,
About all that lies in-between,
And I will answer with my own song that makes no goddamn sense at all.
But its okay, if you think its pretty.
That's the only sense that will break our fall.
Track Name: Spook
Why so serious? Your heart is delirious
If it thinks it can save this city from the flames.
These scars on my face can attest to the fact that we are fucked.
But its fine. The caped crusade may be a lie,
But it's all fun and games if you just look at it right.
We are sinners in this play,
So I am here to make the people smile!

And sure, you may hate me,
And sure, I may make some of you sick.
But don't you dare get the thought in your head
That my antics ain't needed, I keep the good boys tucked in their beds.
So it's fine. The sane man's mind is filled with lies.
So throw yourselves before the crazy train,
and you can say goodbye to the festering wound that is your name.

There is no use in making us what we are not.
The cards are all compromised by the joker's gnarled little smile.
There is no use in making such a fuss.
We are all compromised by the very worst of us.
Track Name: Down Green River
Hollowed structures are all that remain
Of Lester's legacy, the arbitrary name.
Men and their money would find their way,
And along fresh tracks came their thunderous trains
Of greed and erasure. Those ill-fated trees
were just put there to please them.
And so another moth-balled village
would spill into waters that drowned future daughters.

Down green river there's a hungry man
Who hates what he loves and he loves with his hands.
This sometimes proselytizer became the incognito deviser
Of too many clusters of mossy graves, where his dolls lay sprawled in Mannequin displays.
For 20 years you had your way. \
You dim bed wetter, you'd better have been ashamed.
But if you were not, if by then you were too far gone,
We'll just blame it on your mother and her violent baths,
And the wounded little boy who ignited your murderous wrath.
Track Name: Spectrophobe
Blank page, won't you tell me what to write?
The inkwell in this cage is starting to dry.
And I've been beating the same horse
With the inherited whips I tore from the hands of the masters.
But now it's bleeding faster and faster.

I can't do this like I could before.
My eyes are stuck looking out the back door,
And I keep sinking into the house,
The blood keeps spilling from the horses mouth.
It will be recycled, and it will spill again and again and again.

With my back to the mirror, I will march in place
And with my face to the mirror, I will never let my scars be erased.
I am a hollow son, like all us I am filled by the reflected ones.
I'm damned if I look, I'm damned if I don't.

Nothing stinks like the sight of your thoughts
Once they break free from the grip of your jaw.
They settle into their dank graves
Beneath the rude reflections
Scattered along this hallway of glass walls.
I can't take this like I could before.
I'm losing sight of the pulsing, beating breathing source.

With my back to the mirror, I will march in place.
With my face to the mirror, I will never let my scars be erased.
You are a hollow son, like all us you are filled by the reflected ones.
You're damned if you look, damned if you don't.
Track Name: Frame the Kid
frame the kid
give him a name
from which he can hang
frame the kid
give him a name
that will tempt him this way

he deserves whatever he gets
even if he is innocent
he's had it coming ever since he opened his mouth
and already they're singing their psalms
for the boy with the nails in his palms
but he's had it coming ever since he opened his mouth

we are all bad
that's how i know he is
and it is so sad
that they hung their hopes on him
'cuz nothing will save him from the flames, his fate has been engraved in his skin
and he's just walking the plank towards the miserable depths from which he came

and even the crimes that remain in his mind will still do him in
and the poor little lamb will have to contend with a god against whom
he didn't know he had sinned
and just like the rest of us all he will spend his days
asking how it could happen like this
that one little sin over time could result in the fall of us all
what a fucked scheme it is.
Track Name: Wanker
Oh so regrettable,
This life is oh so regrettable.
I am here to make mistakes
And miss my mark on a single take.
My bed is a hermetic tomb of dumb ideas, wicked truths,
And a couple of of jiz stains.
Thank god these sheets conceal my perverted ways.
Oh so forgettable,
This time was oh so forgettable,
And my best attempts to wrench you
Were thwarted by a fist that would not clench.

It would be sad if it wasn't so funny.
And I would laugh if I wasn't trying to be serious.
It would be awful if it wasn't so pretty,
And I would cry all the time if I had more love in me.
It would be manageable if it wasn't so stupid.
But I wouldn't sing this song if I had not given in.

So won't you hate me with pity?!
I am a useless sieve,
Can't separate the blood from the shit...
Track Name: Creature Comforts
In due time, we will all be faced with the truth of it.
No woman or child will we spared from the sinking ship.
And all of the trifling things we've assembled will turn to sand,
And trickle through our withered hands,
As we attempt to make sense
Of what no one will ever fully grasp.

But pay no mind to this sordid situation.
These bones are wired to expect just one sensation.
Yes, fill me up with joy! I can take no more of this sad education.
Leave me be with my toys.
Bring your troubles to someone who can take them.

And tell me, what is your drug of choice?
Please tell me, what is your drug of choice?
We're getting bored with this same sad noise,
Yea we're getting bored with this same sad noise.
And these pills don't do it for me like they used to,
And that old shit don't do it for me like it used to.
But that is okay. I will find a new high.
My body is a temple, and these sins are divine.
So I will curse any God who denies me my fun,
These creature comforts are all I've got to hang my head on.
Track Name: Null
Track Name: Funeral Games

Time breaks the heart into innumerable pieces.
Each one floats on its very own.
But the boys who stare into the setting sun are blinded,
So they see all the pieces as a whole.
And they gave the myth a name of its very own
And they filled their hungry husks with souls.
At first, it was cute, the little brutes had discovered themselves, \
And a dead man stared at a shadowy wall.
But the temporal curse did not abate, in fact it only got worse,
Until one day, they awoke to a stranger's face.

Hangmen die long before their graves are dug.
I know, I've yet to dig mine and here I am.
Tie me tight and let me swing, my gaping mouth will blink,
And the blanks will be filled with my ink.

Now each little heart string winds along a thickening rope
That ties the dock to the countless boats.
And we rock and we sway with the waves, but we never lose our hold. L
Cuz love is the one thing that will never grow old.
And if its true that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts,
Then maybe my take was just a watt too dark.
Maybe we are not souls, but just a bundle of disparate ones
(In which) a single point is infinitely dark.